This huge mansion is over 100 years old with domes and arches designed in the traditional mughal architecture. This beautiful mansion was used as the office of the Nawab with a number of rooms for the officers and staff. There were rooms for the special guests, library, record room, vault and strong-room, store room, a huge hall and room for meetings. The entire building has been renovated and rooms reallocated to accommodate newer facilities for the comfort of the visitors and guests. The guest rooms have the basic amenities with provision of hot and cold water, dining hall, and lounge with TV and cable facilities. Food is prepared by experienced Chef well known for catering large number of guests. Visitors can enjoy a dip in the large ponds and can do boating, fishing, horse riding and play indoor and outdoor games. Special facilities are available for families and students with limited budget.

VIP suit 3 bed, 4 Double Bed & 1 regency suit.

Palace Villa Nawab Manzil Cottage